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Member Requirements & Recruitment
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Recruitment/New Member Applications

  • All members are encouraged to recruit people where ever possible. All potential members must add the clan generals and officers to their PSN friends list
  • Potential new members are encouraged to apply to the clan via our website in the Recruitment Form that can be found here , but can also apply directly to a General/Officer through PSN voice chat
  • A working mic is required to join the clan and a facebook account is preferred but not required
  • New members will have a two week trial period. After the trial period the Generals will vote on the potential member's acceptance
  • New members will be assessed on their clan participation, time spent gaming and any notable gaming achievements

Chain Of Command

  • The chain of command is as follows: Members report to Officers & Generals. Officers report to Generals. The Generals will report any issue to each other as required.
  • Rank Ups - Rank ups may be offered to members at any time based on the requirements of the clan and the individual's performance. Any member can also request to be considered for a rank up at any time. Any promotion to Officer or General will require unanimous vote from all current Generals. 
  • Any decision which directly affects the clan or it's members will be voted upon by the Generals. A majority vote will be required in all cases. If a majority vote cannot be reached for any reason (for example, a three way tie), Officers will be required to vote on the issue
  • If a clan member has a problem/suggestion of any kind it can be brought to the attention of the Generals for consideration and put to a vote 

Requirements For Generals

  • Day to day running of the clan
  • Encourage a positive environment for the members to game in
  • Encourage high performance in all clan activities
  • Proactively seeking out new opportunities to promote the clan and boost its profile
  • Communication and organisation of any events/clan activities as required 
  • Maintaining and updating all clan web pages with relevant information
  • Reporting any member/clan issue as soon as it is brought to their attention
  • Recruiting new members and monitoring performance of existing members
  • Assigning tasks to members/Officers (if required) and following up 
  • The Generals will be required to meet once per week to discuss and vote on any clan related issues

Requirements For Officers

  • Promote the clan
  • Recruit new members
  • Monitor new recruits during their two week trial
  • Report any member/clan issues to Generals
  • Encourage high performance in all clan activities
  • Encourage a positive environment for members to game in
  • Officers may be required (in extreme circumstances) to vote on clan/member issues at request of the Generals

Requirements For Full Clan Members

  • Game as many hours as possible each week and be active with the clan. If you are going to be offline for an extended period (3 days or more) then let a General/Officer know
  • Respond to a message from a General or Officer within a reasonable time period
  • Push as hard as possible to gain notable achievements - top 50 to platinum games/first to finish gaming events etc and report any achievements to the Generals so they can be noted in the clan's records
  • Promote the clan as much as possible
  • Clan tags must be worn at all times. You can't be in any other clan while in XGEN Gaming
  • Be respectful towards other clan members - no racism or discrimination
  • If possible, join the clan facebook page and clan website
  • Add all clan members as PSN friends
  • Read the "Clan Events Guidelines" document and keep up with any updates to clan rules or procedures. These will be communicated through the Facebook group and clan website. Major changes or additions will also be announced on PSN

Leaving The Clan

  • If a member wishes to leave the clan they must inform a General and remove all tags immediately
  • The generals will make every effort to resolve any member issues immediately. If a disciplinary action (eg kicking) is required for any reason it must achieve a majority vote from the Generals
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Forum » General Discussions » Clan Rules / Requirements / FAQ's Locked
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