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Clan Event Guidelines
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18th Nov 2014

Here are the guidelines for all clan members, officers and generals when taking part in any clan events or activities.

A clan event is defined as any activity which includes two or more clan members of any rank and is of significant importance to the clan. For example, clan v clan battling, raids or any event which will promote the clan. Members simply gaming together does not constitute a clan event.

  • All members who are attending the event must arrive at the appointed time and have all relevant game/PSN updates installed so they are ready to go
  • During the event members must be focused on the clan objective and take the event seriously at all times
  • Be sure to use your best available gear/equipment and make sure you have your clan tag applied
  • Stream the event using the clan tag in the title (if appropriate)
  • All clan events will be led by either an Officer or General
  • The event leader will set out objectives at the start of the event and explain everyones individual role (if required)
  • During the event all members must follow the instruction of the highest ranking clan member present at that time
  • If any problems/disagreements arise during the events they should be dealt with as calmly as possible. If any further discussion is required it will take place in a private chat after the event concludes
  • The Officer/General leading the event should record the results and add them to the relevant clan pages

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Forum » General Discussions » Clan Rules / Requirements / FAQ's Locked
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