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Destiny Expansion Guidelines and Info
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3rd Dec 2014

Hey guys. So the new raid is upon us and we need to get prepared. Everyone should use the next few days to finish any upgrades on weapons/armour and think about potential load outs. Although nothing is confirmed, it looks like the following weapons will be useful: vex, vision of confluence, ice breaker, patience and time, hezen vengeance, super good advice, gallahorn, pocket infinity. Of course, most of those are exotics so you should look to support them with other solar and arc legendary weapons.

This is the most important gaming event in our clans short history so the following will apply:
Only bring maxed weapons

You must be level 30 with 2 maxed sub class

XGEN Tags must be worn

Have another device to hand (such as laptop/iPad) so we can track our progress and view other people's streams

Stream our raid run if you have a good enough connection

The raid will be conducted in a private chat party. Keep focused on the task at hand

Make sure you are familiar with the clan event rules (found in the documents section of this page)

Times: At the moment there is no confirmation on launch time. It is unlikely, but possible that there will be a midnight launch. I will check and inform everyone by psn if it goes live at 0000 gmt. A worldwide launch at reset time is more likely though so everyone should plan to be online 30 mins before this. The reset time is 1000 European, 0900 gmt and 0400 est. be sure to check your psn messages at 0015gmt in case of midnight launch

Team: the team will comprise XGEN Gaming members only. Guests will be used if we can't make the required number for some reason

Event: there is a possibility that we may have to play through the story content in order to access the raid (although this is unconfirmed). If so we will split into 2 teams of 3 and rush through as fast as possible. The first raid will be a run on normal. Depending on the challenges within we may go straight to hard mode or complete 2 more normal runs with other characters to get gear. If we require higher level gear to beat hard mode everyone will be expected to max out their armour pieces by the following days reset to resume raiding.

This raid event will span 3 days. Expect to game for 12-18hours per day.

I expect us to be in the top 10 groups to finish this on normal and hard so it's important we all push as hard as possible and show everyone what we can do.

Everyone who is interested in taking part in this raid should post their time zone and availability here (this does not apply to people I have spoken to directly about the event) and I will name the team in the coming days

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5th Dec 2014

We're gonna dominate this new raid!
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